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Trappeze Pub
269 North Hull Street, Suite 6

The bar features many uncommon beer brews including brown ales,
barley wines and Belgian blondes. 27 draught beers/164 bottled
beers. The name is a play on words referring to the Trappist beers
brewed in monasteries or under the authority of monks. Right now,
there are six beer-producing monasteries in Belgium and one in the
Netherlands. These beers have an official hexagonal logo, similar
to the one Trappeze has taken. "The idea behind the bar is to bring
a beer selection, featuring a lot of imports from Belgium, Germany
and all over Europe," said bartender Aaron Jollay. "It's not a
place you can come and expect to order a light beer. Have a Bud
Light and Jager Bomb other places." Trappeze doesn't sell any
low-end domestic beers, such as Budweiser but does have some liquor
such as vodka and scotch and also offers champagne and a wine list.

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